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Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR)

Exchange Rate: USD $1 equivalents NPR 100-105.

Electricity/ Power: In Nepal we use 220V/60Hz. American and European plugs

Cannot be used directly as this plugs are runs at 120V only.

Water: Do not drink the taps water directly. It’s not safe sometimes, drink mineral bottled water which is available every small local stores and supermarket or refill your bottle from the staying hotels too.

Internet and E-mails: In Nepal now you can connect your internet at cafes, hotels and restaurants everywhere in the main cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. You can use Wi-Fi and do most anything you need to on the internet like uploading information, photos, videos, E-mails and Video calls as well. Or for business, you better buy a SIM with data as a backup.

SIM (Local):  Travelers who are travelling to Nepal can easily purchase a SIM card and data on their arrival at the International airport or around mobile shops in primary cities. Local SIM is quite affordable.

Visa to Nepal:  Issuing visa to Nepal is almost all countries from around the world can get on arrival. Visa fee is charged according to your length of staying in Nepal.  A single-entry visa valid for 15/30/90 days costs USD$ 25/40/100.Require payment in cash US dollar and two passport size photos as well. You would find volunteers to support you technically also in immigration at the airport.

Airport: Nepal has only one International Airport is called Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu (KTM).

Safety:  A very common issue that most of the travelers are facing in Nepal is Gastrointestinal. When you first arrive in Nepal just be careful about the local food and water consumption. Needed to carry on oral rehydration salts if possible. This is the easy way saving your life in case of diarrheal illness.

About Budget: Travelling to Nepal is one of the very budget-friendly and not so expensive. If you are planning doing some hiking and trekking is added some extra expenses but still the price is reasonable. For solo travelers Rock-Bottom Budget is about $25 par a day. A little extra budget goes if you decided to go a long way to Annapurna.

Good time to visit Nepal: The good time to travel in Nepal is like March through Jun and September through December. This time is called the best season in Nepal to go trekking. In Nepal Autumn and spring are beautiful, green, lush and flowering. Winter can be very chilly, but still pleasant staying in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Food and Drink: Our National dish is called DAAL BHAT you would definitely have to try once. This dish is served with rice, soup, veggie and pickle. Next one is MO: MO in Nepalese and Tibetan test are fantastic too. Vegetarian food, Fruits and salads are also available around. Please be careful always for drinking water. Do sterilize your water before you drink.

Accommodation: For accommodation, Nepal has a huge range of options. Basic hotels for backpackers to- too much nicer hotels.  Nepal’s hotel can be book online by Agoda and as well. These two sites are the Asia’s best sites for researching and booking. Or you can also call directly using by the local SIM and reserve hotel. Many of you can also mail or call us for easy access to find a budget/ primary hotel booking.

Transportation:  We can say transportation between cities to city is easy in Nepal. Using local and tourist buses is quite easy moving around. Nepal is a country of surroundings by mountains and a lot of hills. When you travel by ground transportation, you can find thousands of curves and the heartfelt scenery of hillside and riversides. The buses are the main form of transportation and very effective too. Recently there have been rises micro buses of 12-14 people fairy affordable to hire a private or taxi for longer distances. Bicycle and taxis are amazing for navigating around the main cities.

Few Fact issues:  We do advice not to trek alone in Nepal specially women. Group joining or hire a local guide from a Trekking company is recommended. On the city area, you can travel alone, go anywhere is safe but only the mountain trekking is not so easy. Landslides and road accidents are all around every year. We highly recommend travel insurance.

Plan Your Safe Travel to Nepal By: Here we are to stand by providing you the complete travel services and travel information. Visit our website above or mail us. We response you as soon as possible and will try to solve your problem out.

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